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Minibus Blue Jay
6.2m , small and agile

Midibus Oriole

For remote villages

City bus Jackdaw
All-round high performance

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A new brand with a rich history & creative potential

Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus, the manufacturing partner, launched their first electric city bus back in 2010. Steadily ranking in the sales top 10 in China in terms of mini-,midi- and city buses, the expertise and experience guarantee customer satisfaction.

Stromberg Bus was founded in 2021 in Croatia, Zadarska region. After extensive and inspiring experience with other electric vehicle brands & high voltage battery projects, thereʼs still a market need for a more affordable, quality and purpose driven electric bus brand: Stromberg


4.5m autonomous

Blue Jay

6-7m minibus


8-9m midibus


12m city bus

Crow autonomous vehicle

Crow is a smart L4 autonomous unmanned vehicle up to 14 passengers and developed by high-tech autonomous driving company Uisee together with Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus. It is being tested on the road since 2019 as shuttle service for public and commercial transport projects.

The compact size and slim bodyline make it go anywhere. Current max. speed is limited to 40 km/h but Uisee has technlogy on other vehicles to allow for higher speeds.

If you have a specific autonomous vehicle project and want to know more about specific features, do not hesitate to contact us.

Specification Crow

Length (mm) 4.500
Width (mm) 2.000
Height (mm) 2.635
Max. passengers/seated 14/8
Max. speed (km/h) 40
Mileage (km) 200
Gradeability (%) >15
Power battery Liquid cooled
Battery capacity (kWh) 105, Skysource
Motor power/torque (kW/Nm) 50/ 180
Charging system CCS2 DC
HVAC Cooling & heating, 14 kW

Crow driving
Crow posing
Crow Interior Testing
Crow cruising
Crow fair

Blue Jay low-floor minibus

Blue Jay is the smallest member of the e-bus family. With its compact, playful appearance and length of just 6.25m (/up to 7m) Blue Jay is ready for the dynamic future of public transport.

Ultra-low energy consumption and high agility make it the perfect solution for On-demand routes and small cities.

With a battery up to 128 kWh all-day public service can be performed hassle-free.

Specification Blue Jay e-bus

Length (mm) 6.245
Width (mm) 2.350
Height (mm) 3.140
Wheelbase (mm) 4.355
Max.passengers/ (seated) 30/ (10+2+1)-37/ (8+2+1)
Front/ rear overhang (mm)) 1.095/ 795
Turning radius (m) <7
Gradeability (%) >18
Max.speed (km/h) 70
Motor power rated/peak (kW) 125/170
Tyres 215/75 R17 Double coin
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 9.500
Kerb weight (kg) 6.050-6.300
Power battery CATL/ Skysource, liquid cooled
Battery capacity (kWh) 114-128
HVAC (kW) Cooling & heating 10-14 kW

Blue Jay factory 1
Blue Jay factory 2
Blue Jay factory 3
Blue Jay layout 10 seats
Blue Jay on tour 1
Blue Jay on tour 2
Blue Jay on tour 3
Blue Jay wheelchair space

Oriole midibus 1 & 2

Oriole 1 is the traditional solution in the line-up. The combined E-sort range is 315 km with a gross battery of 193 kWh, which in winter at 0°C translates nearly 200 km.

With a 282 kWh LFP battery pack winter real range at minus 10 degrees is still 275 km with the air conditioning fully functioning.

This cost-effective model with all modern technology on-board is a smart decision to accelerate your local energy transition. Oriole 1 can accomodate up to 60 passengers, including wheelchair space and is equipped with safety improving rear-view mirror cameras.

Recently Oriole 2 was launched with a more contemporary look but the same efficient functionality

Basic parameters Oriole e-bus

Length (mm) 8.545
Width (mm) 2.440
Height (mm) 3.150
Max. passengers/ (seated) 60/ (20+1)
Ground clearance (mm) 170
Approach/departure (°) 10/9
Front/ rear overhang (mm)) 1.910/ 2.170
Turning radius (m) <8
Gradeability (%) >20
Max.speed (km/h) 70
Tyres 265/70 R19.5 Michelin X Incity Z
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 14.500
Kerb weight (kg) 8.550-9.000

High Voltage parameters Oriole 1

Electric motor Skywell/(kW) 150-200
Power battery Skysource, liquid cooling
Battery capacity (kWh)/Voltage 193-283/ 528-614
Charging system CCS2 DC
Air conditioning Cooling & heating 28 kW
Option for HVAC: CO2 heat pump
Fire extinguisher Automatic

Other features & ADAS

Lighting Full LED
Side windows Double layer, UV-protection
Rear-view mirrors MirrorEye®; cameras
Driver seat ISRI NTS2

Oriole studio 1
Oriole studio 2
Oriole studio 3
Oriole new design
Oriole new design rear
Oriole passenger space
Oriole dashboard
Oriole layout 1
Oriole layout seats

Jackdaw low-floor city bus 2-doors / 3-doors

Our 12 meter low-floor city bus is available in a 3-doors & 2-doors version.

Jackdaw's closed high roof design with integrated full LED front- and L-shaped rear lights give an elegant and modern look.

With LFP high voltage battery packs up to 424 kWh , it is suited for all city- and regional traffic. The combination of Skysource battery + in-house BMS, heat pump and pre-conditioning of the vehicle make sure the range will be sufficient even in harsh winter conditions.

Stromberg's buses are equipped with the latest technology for ADAS, safety and CCTV.

Basic parameters Jackdaw

Length (mm) 12.200
Width (mm) 2.550
Height (mm) 3.300
Inner height (mm) ≥2.200
Service doors clearance/ height (mm) ≥1.200 /≥2.000
Step ground clearance(mm) ≤340
Max. passengers/ seats 80-85/ 32+2+1
Min. ground clearance (mm) 116
Wheelbase (mm) 5.840
Min. ground clearance (mm) 116
Approach/departure (°) 7/7
Front/ rear overhang (mm)) 2.860/ 3.500
Min.turning diameter (m) <22
Gradeability (%) ≤21
Max.speed (km/h) 80
GVW (kg) 19.500
Kerb weight (kg) 12.6-14T

High Voltage parameters Jackdaw

Electric motor Dana
Power, rated/ peak (kW) 145-250/ 245-370
Torque, peak (Nm) 3.329-3.700
Power battery Skysource, liquid cooling
Battery capacity (kWh) 256-283-384-424
Battery voltage 556-614
Charging system CCS2, dual connector
Air conditioning Cooling & heating 37 kW
Option for HVAC: CO2 heat pump
Fire extinguisher Automatic


Front axle ZF RL 82 EC
Rear axle ZF AV133/80°, portal
Suspension 6 * air spring
Steering system Bosch 4533
Brake system Front &rear disc, Knorr
Auxiliary braking Energy regenerationp
Tyres 275/70 R22.5 Michelin X Incity EV Z
Rims Aluminum Alcoa

Other features & ADAS

Lighting Full LED
Bodywork Aluminum
Side windows Double layer, UV-protection
Rear-view mirrors MirrorEye®; cameras
Dashboard Actia Podium 2
Driver seat ISRI NTS2

Jackdaw posing 1
Jackdaw lights
Jackdaw entrance
Jackdaw sideview
Jackdaw ramp
Jackdaw rear-view
Jackdaw technology
Jackdaw charging 1
Jackdaw Skysource
Jackdaw batteries
Jackdaw design
Jackdaw dashboard
Jackdaw driver seat
Jackdaw wheelchair space
Jackdaw interior
Jackdaw Ster INOX
Jackdaw ADAS
Jackdaw layout 2-doors
Jackdaw layout 3-doors


Stromberg has its head office in Zadar, Croatia. As a new brand we are currently setting up our strategic locations, trying to bring our products and services as green as possible to the end user. Flexibility, a horizontal organisation and efficiency are the key pillars that should make us grow.

Spare parts order management system
Full-service contracts
Warranty service at location
Central spare parts warehouse in Croatia
Predictive maintenance diagnostics
Telematics services
Green Jay station

We bring affordable & high-quality electric buses on the market with a high level of traceability & accountability

Stromberg & NJGD


Our corporate social responsibility program seeks for balance between humans, nature and animals.



We do not pretend to be greener than we are. Continuously we are looking for product improvement, more sustainable raw materials and recycling methods.

New e-coach

coming 2026
Head office
Put Murvice 14
23000 Zadar
Phone administration: +385 92 367 3232
Phone sales & info: +316 2755 2213

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